Friday, 31 July 2009

My garden

Last Saturday, I spent the day in my garden doing some long overdue weeding. My boyfriend and I have bought a house but were not living in it while we're having work done to it. Thistles and dandelions had taken over! Seriously, the thistles had grown to about 5 foot tall, so I really had my work cut out! I started to feel bad taking them all out though; my garden was literally overrun with bees, wasps, and butterflies - all of which I love. In fact, I soon forgot all about weeding and instead focused on trying to take some photos of them!

You can see more similar photos on my flickr.

I was pleased to see that all my veggies I'm growing were still doing well, in fact I picked a lot of stuff and threw it onto the barbeque that night:

The potatoes were some that just sprang up out of nowhere; I think the man who lived in the house before us was a keen gardener, when I was digging up one of the beds I have my veggies in I found loads of potatoes, but I thought I'd got them all out. They've been springing up all over the place! I'm not complaining now though; they were absolutely delicious. The raspberries were there when I moved in too, I thought they were blackberry brambles but now I have an abundance of raspberries! Unfortunately, soon after taking this picture I accidentally dropped the bag of raspberries and delicate as they are turned into raspberry coulis instead!

I can't wait to get down there this weekend and see what else I can pick!


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