Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rocky Road

rocky road recipe

Okay so it seems kind of silly to share a recipe for Rocky Road, as it's probably the most simple thing in the world to make. You don't even have to bake anything! Just melt the chocolate and stir in whatever you fancy.

That being said, I made my youngest sister Beth some Rocky Road for her 18th birthday (don't worry, I bought her a proper present too!) and documented it, so I thought it would be fun just to share. For the record, my sister said this was the best Rocky Road she had ever had! I think she knows flattery will get her everywhere with me...

rocky road recipe

My sisters extra special birthday Rocky Road included:

  • Shortbread biscuits
  • Bourbon biscuits
  • Mini oreos
  • Marhsmallows
  • White chocolate buttons
  • Twix
  • Maltesers

    Please note: Normally she wouldn't get anything quite as fancy, but it was her 18th so I decided to spoil her!

    rocky road recipe

    Chopped bourbon biscuits. I chopped the bigger biscuits (twix, bourbons, shortbread) and the marshmallows and I bashed the maltesers up a bit but I left the mini oreos whole.

    rocky road recipe

    Melting chocolate

    rocky road recipe

    Waiting to be stirred. My mouth is watering so much looking at this photo. I could just dive in!

    rocky road recipe


    rocky road recipe

    The finished product

    rocky road recipe

    All packaged up in a cute tin with birthday card and ready to go!

    Now we're heading towards you-know-what, this would be a great to make for a homemade Christmas present! Put it in a Christmassy tin instead, or package a couple of pieces in a cellophane bag and tie it with a pretty ribbon to pass out to family, friends or coworkers.


    Gemma Phazey said...

    They look amazing! My mouth was watering looking though the pictures x

    sweet-komal said...

    that looks amazing!!


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