Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Raw Cookies

I really fancied something sweet to eat today, but I couldn't decide what. I'd eaten loads of fruit already, and I'm trying to eat healthily at the moment and cutting back on a lot of things like chocolate, biscuits and baked goods. I'm also trying to increase my raw intake as well. It was while I was thinking about this that inspiration hit me - Kristen's Heavenly Cookies!

I remember a while back (a year or more?), everyone was blogging about these super delicious cookies, and I remember trying them and falling in love! I hadn't made them in a while though, so I logged into an old email account, eager to find the recipe (it was originally featured on one of Kristen's Raw newsletters) and make these cookies. I was gutted to find out that for some reason, all of my old emails had disappeared! Luckily, after emailing Kristen she extremely kindly emailed me the recipe again, so I was able to make these gorgeous raw cookies.

Words fail me at describing how tasty these are! And super healthy too. I made a smaller batch, just enough for 4-5 cookies, and I made them using cashew butter. While I was making them, my eye caught sight of a bag of hazelnuts I had in the cupboard, so I decided to have a go at making my own raw treats. Mine are the coconut covered ones on the left. Both sets were extremely easy to make (and so quick too!) so dig out that newsletter and make yourself a batch of Heavenly Cookies!

Emmas Raw Hazelnut Cookies:

30g Hazelnuts
30g Sultanas
1 tsp nut butter
Drop (just a drop!) of olive oil
1 dessert spoon light agave

Put all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until combined. You might have to keep pushing the mixture down as I did. Roll into balls, and then you could also roll in coconut but that's purely optional, I just happen to love the taste and look of coconut! I then put them on a plate and popped them in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes to firm up.

The only thing these cookies were missing were the presence of some raw chocolate - is there any better combination than hazelnut and chocolate?!


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