Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!

I'm working tonight but I had a little party at the garden I work at yesterday. 25 kids under the age of about 10! It was so much fun. We carved pumpkins, ate soup, turned each other into mummies and had a pinata.

Izzy looked cute in her costume too!


Monday, 17 October 2011

A cosy kind of weekend

Hello! How was your weekend?

Mine was lovely – quiet and relaxing! I went to the market to do a little bit of shopping.


I’m starting a new job tonight, and the hours are 5:30-10:30pm, so I wanted to get some things in to make some meals in advance which I could freeze to make it easier for Adam and I. Adam was at work on Saturday so when I got home I spent some time with this cute little face:



I spent the rest of the day cooking up a storm (got a recipe or two to post out of it too!) and when Adam came home he surprised me with these gorgeous flowers:


We took Izzy out for a walk:


Then came home and had a delicious dinner together, ate some ice cream and then cuddled up watching a film! Sunday was spent working, then out for a curry with my parents and sisters.

Hope you had a good weekend too, let me know what you got up to! Also, do you have any tips for meals that are easily made in bulk and can be frozen? So far, my freezer is full of chilli, lasagne and soup!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cakes

Today is less than twelve weeks until my wedding! I'm so excited. I have a fun weekend planned full of bridesmaid dress and centrepiece shopping with my mum and bridesmaids. Today I'm going on a hunt for the perfect wedding cake. With everything else for our wedding, Adam and I have known what we want. With our cake, we're clueless! We really like lots of different cakes, but don't want to spend a lot on one. So many people I know are so good at baking, but I don't want to put the stress on anyone to make ours. I'd like to make it myself, but don't know if it would be too much - especially because I want to DIY so much anyway. This cake is my favourite one:

wedding cake hannah millard
(Photo by Hannah Millard)

But I think this might be too summery for a winter wedding.

I love this one, and I think it would be quite simple for me to make myself. You can buy plain, ready iced tiers from Marks & Spencer, and then I could have a friend help me out with the snowflakes.

wedding cake snowflake

These cupcakes are absolutely beautiful, and I want to have at least some cupcakes, think I'll definitely be making these! I love them.

snowflake wedding cupcakes glorious treats
(Photo & Recipe by Glorious Treats)

Also, there's a local bakers to us who does absolutely GORGEOUS (looking and tasting!) cakes, but they're a little on the expensive side. I'm going to call there on my way to uni today for some prices.

What are your favourite cakes or cupcakes?


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