Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Makeshift Planters

diy plant pots

Gardening is addictive. You plant your first few seeds and before you know it, you're hooked and buying purple carrots, yellow beetroots and all other kinds of crazy seeds.

Of course, you also need somewhere to actually plant these seeds, and I ran out of space and containers, oh about a month ago?! We're in the middle of doing our garden up, it needed a lot of work and I'll eventually have some raised beds to put things into. But right now is when I need to be planting seeds so I'll have something to put in in a few weeks time.

I also love to recycle and save money, so rather than buying plant pots or using peat plant pots, I had a look around the house to see what I could recycle as plant pots.

diy plant pots

Here are some alternative things you could use:

  • Take away boxes or cartons
  • Small boxes
  • Reuse plant pots from other plants you've bought and planted on
  • Cut the bottoms off old bottles
  • Empty yoghurt pots
  • Newspaper plant pots

    You just need to make sure you put some holes into the bottom of anything you use.

    diy plant pots
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