Thursday, 31 January 2013

Roxy and Izzy

I finally figured out how to record videos on my camera and couldn't resist making a silly little one of Roxy and Izzy. Love these two furry faces!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Christmas recap

diy christmas tree

Christmas actually ended up being lovely this year, suprisingly. We kept it quiet and low key and made sure we had a lot of things planned to keep us busy. We had Christmas dinner at my Mum's with my sisters.

green living room

We had my favourite ever tree this year too. When we first moved into our house three Christmases ago, we were poor from the move a month prior and too busy and stressed to think about it much so we ended up just buying a big tub of generic, matching baubles from B&Q. We used them again the following year as again we were too busy and stressed planning our wedding to think about it much then too.

This year I said "no more awful B&Q baubles!" and refused to put them on our tree. We always get a real tree, but this year I wanted one in a pot which we could replant so we ended up with a cute little tree.

We had acquired a few really nice baubles, and we bought a few more in December from various markets and from a last minute trip we took to Edinburgh for the weekend. My sisters and I also had a crafting day, where we made some decorations too which actually ended up being one of the highlights of Christmas.

diy christmas

diy christmas

Present wrapping helpers

boston terrier lhasa apso

lhasa apso christmas

My Aunt made me this chocolate house

homemade christmas present

Christmas sweetie stash

christmas sweets

Kisses under the Christmas tree

christmas boston terrier

Hope your Christmas was wonderful too!


happy new year

I have mixed feelings about welcoming in the new year. It feels strange to be welcoming in a new year that won't have my Dad in it. And yet, I am so thankful to be rid of 2012. 2012 was the worst year of my life. To me, a new year always feels so fresh and crisp and full of possibilities. I have high hopes for 2013, with a lot of personal and business goals to aspire to. I want to continue to lose weight and work towards becoming healthier. I want to go camping and for bike rides with Adam. I want to start another blog focusing only on Slimming World recipes. I also want to grow my photography business.

So here's to 2013, and all the promise it brings. Happy New Year!


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