Thursday, 29 November 2012

A little snowman

snowman crochet

I just got finished making this little fellow. Isn't he so cute? He's not perfect, in fact he's a little bit wonky in places but I love him. And for my first attempt making a... character, and only my third or fourth attempt at following a crochet pattern, I'm actually really pleased how he turned out! I'm already planning on making one for my Mum and my mother-in-law. A snowman family! If you'd like to make your own snowman, you can find the snowman crochet pattern here. (I followed the pattern as is, with the exception of the nose. I didn't understand it, so I crocheted a triangle, rolled it up and stuffed it and used that as a carrot).

Only two more sleeps until I can officially get in the Christmas spirit (no Christmas music/decorations before December in our house - it's bad luck) and start trimming and belting out Christmas songs non stop!

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Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing our hoping to adopt button!

i am LOVING your blog! such cute ideas!


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