Monday, 12 December 2011

'Joy' Christmas Gift Tags


So as promised, here are the second lot of Christmas gift cards. You can see how to make the glitter star gift tags here.


You will need:

PVA glue
Glitter - either to match or contrast with your card
Hole punch
Sheet of paper


1. Divide your piece of card up into squares or rectangles. Size is up to you - the one in this picture is about 2 inches square, but I made some smaller ones too.
2. Cut out using pinking shears - this will give you a nice fancy edge but if you don't have them, don't worry, regular scissors will be fine too!
3. Using a hole punch, punch a hole in one of the corners of your shape - this is for threading the ribbon through.
4. The glue I used had a thin nozzle for the glue to come out of, otherwise using a paintbrush, write the word "joy" on your square.
5. Holding the square over the sheet of paper, tip glitter all over the glue word. Make sure that it's completely covered.
6. Leave your square on the piece of paper to dry.
7. Repeat for all remaining squares. You could try different words too, I made some which said "snow" and "noel"
8. When tags are dry (I left mine in a warm room overnight to make sure they were completely dry), tap each tag over the paper on the surface to get rid of any excess glitter. Move all tags to the side.
9. Carefully tip any glitter on the paper back into the tube or container it came from.
10. Write on the back of them, and use them to decorate your gifts!

1 comment:

Belle du Brighton said...

so pretty! I love this idea but I am lazy this year, and have mostly been wrappin in brown paper and sticking coloured hearts on & then writing people names on those! x


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