Friday, 22 August 2008

Thanks Dad!

I went for a daytrip to the seaside with my parents and two younger sisters earlier on this week. It was actually a really lovely day! I enjoyed it so much, it's really nice being able to catch up with everyone again after so long away from home.

We went to a place called Bridlington which is on the North East coast of England so it was quite chilly! We packed a picnic lunch and I made some bulgur wheat salad, which was actually really nice but I was so busy enjoying it I forgot to take a photo! I still have some left in the pantry though, so I'm sure I'll make some more soon.

While we were wandering around the town (it was too chilly to spend any time on the beach, which is typical of English seaside hehe) we passed a cooking shop, so being the avid baking/cooking fan that I am, dragged all my family inside for a thorough look around. I could have spent a fortune there! My friends are all obsessed with clothes and shoe shops, but me? Give me a cooking supplies shop anyday! I found a massive tube of cookie cutters while I was in there too, which my dad kindly bought for me as a gift!

The next day my sister and I couldn't wait to try them out, but first things first, we laid them all out on the carpet so we could get a good look at them! I'm such a kid, I love any stuff like this and I've never had any proper cookie cutters of my own before. My grandma used to have some when I was little, and I used to love it when she'd let me use them.

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So this post is just really to say thanks to my dad for the present! And also to let you know to stay tuned, as an extremely delicious cookie post is coming soon!

(This post is one of a few that have been transferred over from an old blog as part of the process of updating this blog with all my old entries from other blogs/journals for posterity)

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