Monday, 10 January 2011

A change for 2011

Happy (very belated!) New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays. I know I really enjoyed myself; all my family have time off from work and school over Christmas and New Year and I've loved spending some quality time with them all.


For me, 2011 is bringing some big changes, and I hope to share most of them on my blog! I started this blog about two years ago but have never really posted regularly, but I really want to change that. I love writing, and reading, and blogging in general, so I'm making a commitment to posting consistently, and already have some (hopefully fun!) posts planned.

Shortly before Christmas, I moved into a house that I've owned and been doing restoration work on since March 2009. I'm also back in full time education, going to University to study English Language. It's weird and challenging studying again after a six year break, but it's also really rewarding and enjoyable, and I love it!

The biggest change I'm making in 2011 is I'm making this year the year that I finally reach my goal weight. I've struggled with my weight for years, trying every diet under the sun and having my weight go up then down then up again, and am now at my highest weight ever. I'm following a weight loss plan by a company called Slimming World, which is fairly similar to Weight Watchers, but with a lot less point counting. I started it a few days ago, and will be weighing in every Thursday and I'm excited to share my progress! There are loads of recipes I've seen round the blog world that I can't wait to try, and I've even got a jar of lentils sprouting on my kitchen windowsill to make Beth's Lentil Loaf!

What are you excited for in 2011?


Stephanie said...

Good luck with your journey!!

Jopan said...

Hi, nice to hear you're being so positive and pro-active with your life. I hope that you reach a body weight that you're happy with and i also wish you good luck with your uni course. I'm also at (the open) uni, trying to finish my English literature degree. Hopefully we will both find something constructive to do with our higher educations. :)
Oh and yes i've gotten rid of my flu, although i think i've had another bout since i posted about it. :/

Kylie @ A Hungry Spoon said...

Congratulations on your upcoming big changes! The New Year brings so much hope and motivation, doesn't it? Good luck with your new program :)

Lucky Lantern said...

I admire you for documenting your weight loss journey. For 2011, I'm excited for getting married, starting up my own business and creating more through sewing!


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