Thursday, 10 February 2011


Look what was waiting for me when I got in yesterday!


I was so excited to get it! Graze is a company that I recently stumbled across thanks to a friend. They offer natural treats, sent to your home or place of work every week. I think it's a really nice idea - better to have this delivered and snack on wholesome food rather than biscuits!


When you open it up, you get four sections of individually packed treats, and what I had inside looked so nice! Here's a close up:


It included fiery cashew nuts, honeycomb flapjack, dark chocolate, rasin, cherry and almond mix and orange infused rains, hazelnut, and dark chocolate mix. When I ordered it, Adam was really sceptical and thought that if it could fit through a letterbox, it must be tiny. But it's actually a really good size!


If you'd like a free box (and your second box half price!) just sign up at and using voucher code: PGB7YW5N. The only downside is I think this would only be available to UK residents!

(Just so you know, this isn't a sponsored post - I'm buying these boxes myself! When anyone signs up using the code above, I receive £1 which I will be donating through the website to the Uganda school of farming!)

What's your favourite healthy treat?


Anonymous said...

I sure like the packaging - Yin & Yang. I'm jealous. I'm not in the UK.

Anonymous said...

These look amazing! Wish I was in the UK right now.

Jana said...

Hello, do you know how much they cost normally? I couldn't find the price on their website/


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