Thursday, 31 March 2011

Vegan Marshmallows

vegan marshmallows
Today I've spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen making a mess some vegan marshmallows to contribute to Katie's vegan bakesale for Japan! So if you'd like the chance to taste these soft, creamy, delicious clouds of whipped sugar make sure you keep an eye on Katie's blog on Tuesday 5th April and bid on some of the vegan goodies she'll have for sale. It's all for a good cause!


Veronica said...

What a great addition to the bake sale! They look delectable. :)

chocolate-covered katie said...

I love them! And I love you! And yes, there's a huge listing for ppl in the UK right now... so many yummy things that I'm thinking I may need to get on a plane so I can take part in the UK bidding ;).

You are awesome, Emma. Really, really awesome!! And your badge is ADORABLE!

nikouru said...

This is a really interesting idea! I might have to try it sometime!

btw, this is nikoyoko on Swapbot for the Blog Friends swap :)

Anonymous said...

oh my! I need to make these!!

JC said...

Vegan marshmallows, I always wonder if they exist! and now I know they do!! I would love to try and make these if I have a recipe :)

sgbunny from Swap-Bot


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