Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Where did all the fruit and veg go?

There isn't a single fresh vegetable or piece of fruit left in my kitchen. Those carrots in my fridge that are so old they started growing roots and shoots? Gone. That apple that has been rolling about in Adams van for the past week that he eventually brought in, deeming it too bruised to eat? Gone. That lime in the fruit bowl that I don't even remember buying? Gone. Heck, not even the weeds in my garden are safe. Since I ran out of kale, I've been wandering outside and bringing back handfuls of dandelion.

The culprit of the vanishing produce:


A juicer! I've been wanting one for ages, and decided to finally take the plunge when I saw one on sale for £8.


Some juice combinations I've tried (and liked!) so far:


  • Kale, celery and orange
  • Kale or dandelion, apple, kiwi and lime
  • Orange, carrot and spinach
  • Spinach, apple, carrot and blackberry

    Do you juice? If so, what are your favourite combinations
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    www.paulineshome.blogpsot,com said...

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I also have a juicer but its stored away in the garage at the moment - really healthy way of eating and to loose weight, have you seen Jason Vale, The Juice Master, 7lbs in 7 days.


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