Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nettle Tea

Today I've got a recipe for you - but unfortunately not for something edible!

I make this nettle tea all the time to feed to my plants, it's a great, free, organic alternative to plant foods, and really easy to make!

You will need:

Large container

Find an old container - it needs to have a lid - I used a glass jar this time, but I often use big old plastic tubs of screws which I get from my electrician husband.
Pick some nettles (and be careful - they sting!) to loosely fill the container.
Pour water in to fill the container.
Put the lid on, and leave out of the way to rot down for a couple of weeks.
After a couple of weeks, dilute the liquid to about 1 part nettle tea 8 parts water, and water over your plants.
Warning: It will smell vile, but it's worth it as it's so good for the plants! You can use it over pretty much any plant, but tomatoes in particular love it. Scoop out the nettles and plant directly with the tomato plants, or you can put the nettles on your compost heap.

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