Monday, 14 May 2012

Pictures from my weekend: Roxy

Our weekend has pretty much revolved around this little lady. We're quite head over heels with her already <3


Nina Lourie said...

First of all, so adorable. The cutest little face.

But also, the way it was cut off in my google reader window, it looked as though the first picture ended at the white part of the wall and it really looked like she was *stepping out* of the picture. It was a really great shot! (It is actually a really lovely shot even without that, but that was particularly cool.)

Shellywellydoodlealltheday said...

How exciting to have a new little housemate. She is uber cute but then so is your other little fluff ball! What a lovely picture of your OH and the new addition! Wish my Hubby would pose for pics for me - then again I won't let him photograph me either. Xx

His Little Lady said...

oh my gosh!! adore! the mister and i want to get one just like her in a few years ;)
xo TJ


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