Thursday, 7 April 2011

A quick thank you

So the winning bid on my Vegan Marshmallows was $40! I can't believe they sold for so much - I was worried no one would even bid on them! dog products Can't wait to make and send them out to whoever won them! I'm also looking forward to seeing how much Katie managed to raise for charity - did you see how much her Fudge Babies sold for?! Amazing!

A lot of people have complimented me recently on my photos, and to everyone who has done I just want to say a big massive thank you! It means so much to me. Photography is a massive passion of mine, and something that I would love to turn into a career (I'm working on it!). I entered this photo of my sister into a photography competition at Uni recently. It didn't win, but I had a really fun time taking the pictures and playing around with my little sis!


Just a short and sweet post today - I'm still snowed under with school work at the minute, but I'll be back tomorrow with a tasty vegetarian recipe!


katy said...

Hi Emma,

I've just found your blog :)

It's great to find a health food blog from the UK! it seems like they're all from the US!!!


Vegan Chick Pea said...

Your pictures ARE beautiful :)

Amanda Caroline said...

Hi Emma
I saw your comment on Cherry Menlove's blog about wanting to make a career of photography and thought I'd write with some encouragement - go for it! I began building my photography business 2 years ago and I love it. It's so rewarding to do something you love for a living.
Kind regards


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